With nearly 20 years of experience in management and communication, Audrey stands out for her strategic sense, relational skills and organizational strength. Able to assess the needs and expectations, she understands complexity and deploys projects that build buy-in and generate tangible results. Audrey is interested in social issues and has a keen knowledge of the non-profit sector, where she maintains a vast network.

In recent years, she has led the national awareness campaign for "Stay in School Days" and carried out various strategic development mandates in public affairs. She led the main action strategy of the organization for school perseverance and success in Montreal in collaboration with many stakeholders from various sectors of activity. Previously, she worked at the Institut du Nouveau Monde, where she contributed to facilitating public debate and the participation of young people and citizens.

Audrey holds a master's degree in management sciences, management profile, and a graduate diploma in management from HEC Montréal. She also holds a bachelor's degree in cultural animation and research from UQA.

514-667-0196 * 436