With her abundant energy and extensive experience in managing diverse projects, Josiane has a knack for tapping into an organization’s DNA and turning its challenges into opportunities. She is a confident and creative professional who excels at executing public relations campaigns and mobilizing key players.

Josiane began her career with GESTEV in Quebec City’s demanding major events sector. As a member of the firm’s sales and partnerships team, she made a name for herself in a high-pressure industry where deadlines are always tight. Her skills as a communicator did not go unnoticed and she was soon recruited by an agency. Josiane’s career path has allowed her to shine as a dynamic, strategic communicator known for her leadership and meticulous approach.

Josiane has a bachelor’s degree in communication, writing and multimedia from Université de Sherbrooke. She is also a committed volunteer in her community and with the Canadian Cancer Society. In addition to serving as an ambassador for the annual Daffodil Campaign, Josiane is involved in fundraising campaigns for On the Tip of the Toes Foundation.

Josiane Marmet, conseillère

418-529-3223 * 263